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Wildflower power in Lochwinnoch.

Biodiversity meadow makeover

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The field at the Lochwinnoch Annexe is undergoing a wildflower makeover as part of Renfrewshire Council’s commitment to biodiversity. Following consultation by the council there were positive comments and suggestions from the local community on the potential to improve the wildlife of the area.
The cut grass of the recreational field has a relatively low biodiversity value and it is planned to remove the top layer of grass on part of the field. The site will then be sown with a native wet meadow seed mix. The turf that is removed will create a series of small embankments near the River Calder with the aim of reducing flooding on the sports ground. At the end of the summer the grass/flowers will be cut and removed keeping nutrient levels low and limiting growth of faster growing grasses.
It is planned to start the work on the field on the 20th of April and once completed involve pupils from Lochwinnoch primary, using their feet, to help firm the seeds in place.

Wildflower Meadow at Lochwinnoch
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