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Where are the birds?.

Our first lot of tracking data for two of our Lesser Black-backed Gulls

It has been a few days now since we tagged the first of our Lesser Black-backed Gulls and the data has been coming in on a daily basis.  The data shows that both males have been taking their turn at incubating their eggs but when it’s time to go foraging they display completely different patterns of movement.

’10P:C’ spends alot of time in the vicinity of one of the local primary schools.  If you have ever been around a school when the bell goes off to bring the pupils back in you may have noticed the flocks of gulls and corvids (the magpies and crows family of birds) who take the opportunity to pick up any food left in the playground. As well as hanging around the school, 10P:C has also made trips to Whin Hill golf course.
‘9P5C’ acts completely differently and so far the tracks are showing that on a daily basis he heads off towards Port Glasgow and into the countryside around Auchenfoyle.  Certainly interesting results from two birds that nest meters apart.
Both birds were tagged on the roof of Greenock Police Station and are awaiting names which will be picked during police community work in local nurseries and schools. Keep your eye out for the colour rings on the birds legs which are white with red writing and if you spot them please let us know.



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