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Volunteers tackle invasive plants.

The Castle Semple and Duke of Edinburgh volunteers have been controlling few-flowered garlic around Castle Semple

Recently the ranger team and both the Castle Semple Conservation Volunteers and the Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers have been hard at work tackling patches of few-flowered garlic around Castle Semple. This is a very invasive, non-native species which looks different to the native wild garlic which also grows around the area. It can be identified by their distinctive white flowers and attached yellow bulbils, plus the narrow leaves which are smaller than native wild garlic.

Few-flowered garlic grows vigorously in disturbed habitats and can outcompete other woodland floor growing plants such as bluebells. Digging up the plants by the bulbs in early spring is the best way to remove them, before they finish flowering and set seed. They are also very edible, all parts of the plant can be eaten although the taste is not as strong as in wild garlic.

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