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Greenock Cut Volunteer Programme

01.09.12Installing benchA trip to Outerwards, a park site located on Brisbane Glen Road, where we will be installing a new bench.
08.09.12Bracken bashingWe will be removing bracken from sites along the nature trail, you will also get the opportunity to collect wild flower seeds
15.09.12BeachwatchJoin us at Lunderston Bay for the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch, by removing litter from the beach you will help protect our marine wildlife
23.08.12Path workCome and help the Rangers with path maintenance along our nature trail
29.09.12Trees & TrailsToday we be be cutting back vegetation that has overgrown onto our trails, you will also be replacing tree tubes and checking how well our tree saplings are coming along
06.10.12Pond clearing and CompostA day working close to the visitor centre, we will be removing pondweed from our pond and turning the compost
13.10.12Bird Survey*Join the Ranger for our monthly Wetland Bird Survey, a good opportunity to learn how to identify wetland birds*
20.10.12Path workA second day of carrying out essential path maintenance along our trails.
27.10.12HedgelayingCome along and try out the traditional skill of hedgelaying
3.11.12Boardwalk removalToday we’ll be removing and burning some old broken boardwalk, hopefully we will get some potatoes cooking on the bonfire
Please note that tasks may be subject to change depending on weather conditions and numbers. For tasks marked with an * We need to know numbers in advance to book call the Rangers on 01475 529543
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