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Curriculum for Excellence Second Level

Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park’s activities are tailored to meet the experiences and outcomes of all levels across many areas of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Second Level: P5 – P7

Nature Walk

Science, social studies, health and well being

Pupils will be introduced to biodiversity within the wood, pond or river. Through mini-beast hunting, pond or river dipping your class will use keys and different sampling techniques to conduct basic surveys.


Macro Photography Workshops  

Science, technology, social studies

Learn how to use cameras to record the environment around you and see how you can use these skills to discover what lurks in the school playground and beyond.



Science, technology

Pupils can find out how and why the weather is recorded and record it themselves by using a range of weather monitoring equipment and techniques. The data they collect can be added to online weather data bases to contribute to national weather statistics.


Map Skills

Science, technology, social studies

Introduction to traditional map skills: learn how to give  grid references and interpret map symbols.


Citizen Science

Science, technology, social studies, mathematics

Learn how to carry out biological recording for different animals and plants. Class records can be used by scientists as part of national studies.



Science , social studies, health and well being

By using Leave No Trace practices, learn how to: build and light a camp fire safely, and take the opportunity to cook on an open fire.


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