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Locherwood & Ladymuir trails

Locherwood Trail – 2km

Green posts mark the route of this 2km circular walk. Most of the walk is on
unsurfaced and grassy paths, it can get a little bit muddy in places especially
after heavy rainfall. Most of the trees around this route are still young so the
woodland still feels very open and gives you good views of the surrounding
Walking the Locherwood trail you will notice that there are areas where trees have
not been planted, these open spaces are important for wild flowers. If you visit
Locherwood during June or July you may see butterfly orchids or spignel in bloom,
both these plants are locally uncommon and are included in the Local Biodiversity
Action Plan.

Ladymuir Trail – 7km

Blue posts mark the route of the 7km circular walk. This walk starts and finishes
in Locherwood and takes you through the commercial conifer plantation of Ladymuir.
The route follows the rides, wide linear open spaces through woodland, and the
forest road. The ground can be rough and uneven in places and parts of the trail
can be very boggy, so walking boots are recommended for this route.

Link route to Muirshiel

This is a moorland walk with no set route or waymarkers to Windy Hill or Muirshiel.
Take care over the uneven ground, walking boots are best for this walk, and as with
all hill walks it’s recommended you take a OS map and compass.

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