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Trip to Turnave.

Spignel a rare Renfrewshire treat

From the village of Lochwinnoch going along the track to Turnave Hill had much of interest on a sunny Saturday. Two stonechats were living up to their name and sounding like clacking stones, though they remained unseen amongst the bracken fronds.  A little further on there were several small heath butterflies and one small copper butterfly on its restless plant survey. The vibrant green feathery leaves of spignel stood out against the closely grazed grass. Spignel is a Nationally Scarce plant and is found occasionally in parts of Renfrewshire, though most often on road verges where it may be mowed or shaded out by rose bay willowherb.  Nearby the petals of forget-me-not sprinkled their unforgettable reflection of the sky beside the cloud coloured common water crowfoot. From the top of Turnave a roe deer bounded towards the safety of the birch clad River Calder.  An unforgettable trip to Turnave.

Roe deer
Common water crowfoot


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