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Third Gull Tagged.

The third Lesser Black-backed Gull is fitted with a GSM tag by the TnT team

Well they never said it would be easy trying to trap gulls to fit with satellite tags but the team have had a fair amount of bad luck recently when trying to do exactly that! The weather, particularly the wind, has been the main issue, with it affecting the traps and preventing the boat going to Lady Isle.

It had been noticed that there was a large gathering of lesser black-backed gulls every day at Castle Semple Loch so, bread in hand, it was decided to see if one could be caught. The gulls were keen to come close to feed but were put off by the mute swans charging in and hoovering up the bread. Back to the drawing board and we went away and got a tub of barley to keep the swans occupied. This worked and the gulls were soon coming down for the bread but were just staying out of reach. If you try to grab them too early you put them off and they soon clock on to what you are trying to do. It came down to the last crust of bread when Hayley managed to grab and quickly scoop up a gull for tagging.

15P:C is another cracking male in good condition and was fitted with a tag back at the Visitor Centre. The Centre’s Admin Team watched the tag get fitted and commented on how painful the bites looked when 15P:C managed to get a grip of Hayley’s arm! After a chance to settle down in a pet carrier 15P:C was soon released and flew back down the carpark to join the other gulls at Swan Bay. Three down, nine more to go.


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