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Pladda, our largest gull yet

Pladda is our largest gull that we have ever tagged

Pladda is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull and is the largest gull we have ever handled. He was lovely to handle despite his size.  He too was caught in one of our nest traps on the Isle of Pladda off the south coast of Arran. His mate initially went into the trap but got out and we were unable to catch her again.  His nest has three eggs. 0L6:C weighs in at 930g and has a wing length of 449mm.  He can be identified by his colour ring 0L6:C.


Movements for 2018 below

Pladda has spent alot of time in the vicinity of his nest with the odd foraging trip to Arran and over to South Ayrshire.



Map updated 20/06/18 Pladda spends alot of time going back and forth between Pladda and South Ayshire to forage.  He also travels to Mosshill Industrial Estate like 0L1:C.


Map updated 05/07/18 Pladda left South Ayrshire on the 27th of June and flew into Northern Ireland.  Over the last few days he has spent time foraging in fields around Fintona and roosting on a factory roof near Dungannon.  This morning he was last picked up flying into Belfast. Where will he go next?

Map updated 11/07/18  Pladda is our first gull to head to Spain this year! He left Ayrshire on the 27th of June arriving in Northern Ireland where he remained until the 9th of July.  He then headed down to Dublin where he spent a few hours around the Damastown Industrial Estate before heading off just after 2030.  He was off the coast of Courtown at 0036 on the 10th of July and recorded off the Cornish coast at 0437.  He continued south and was off the coast of France at 0839.  At 1951 last night he arrived on the north coast of Spain after flying across the Bay of Biscay.  He spent 23 hours flying. What a feat.  Last year our first bird (Flyback) arrived in Spain on the 31st of July.  0L3:C has arrived 3 weeks earlier.  Is this a sign of a bad breeding season and where will he go next?

Map updated 27/07/18 So while we have been away we can see that our gulls have been moving about as well. Pladda who we last reported in Spain, has made it down to Portugal. He followed the coast down with stops off at Aveiro and Praia de Mira. He was last picked up flying south on the 20th of July and we haven’t had any further updates as he is currently out of range of a mobile signal.

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