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Ollie the first gull caught on Pladda

Ollie was our first Lesser Black-backed Gull to be caught on Pladda

Ollie is an young adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull.   He caught in one of our nest traps on the Isle of Pladda off the south coast of Arran on the 7th of June. We were surprised to find him in the trap and on a nest with eggs as he is approximately 3 years old and shouldn’t be breeding yet.  However, it looks like he might have been a bit nosey and the nest doesn’t belong to him as he hasn’t returned to Pladda since tagging
Ollie weighs in at 840g and has a wing length of 416mm.  He can be identified by his colour ring 0L1:C.

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Movements for 2018 below

Over the first few days of tagging we can see Ollie has headed onto the mainland and has been busy flying around Maybole, Ayr and Troon.



Map updated 20/06/18 Ollie has stayed on the mainland since being tagged on Pladda.  He is foraging alot in fields north of Monkton and south of Ayr. Although he has been in Troon and Ayr he hasn’t been in the vicinity of any chip shops!

Map updated 05/07/18 Ollie is still spending alot of time around Troon.  He is favouring Barassie Beach and fields near Southwood.

Map updated 09/07/18 Ollie was the first gull we tagged on Pladda and very shortly afterwards he headed to the mainland. He is a sub-adult male that isn’t breeding this year. He has spent the last month foraging up and down the Ayrshire coast until Friday afternoon when he decided to leave Troon. He headed down the coast to Knockbay where he spent a couple of house before being picked up flying over the Irish Sea at 2327. He arrived in Belfast at around 0500 on Saturday morning and spent a couple of hours on the roof of the bible centre on Wellington Street before carrying on south west.He crossed the Irish border just after 1100 before taking a break at Castleblaney. He has since continued to fly south passing over Vicarstown, Clogh and Hugginstown before arriving on the banks of the river that separates County Kilkenny with County Wexford. What is amazing is this is the same 200m stretch of river bank that Stuart visited regularly last year! Where will he go next?

Map updated 01/08/18 It’s been a few weeks since we updated you about Ollie as we have been away ourselves.He has stayed in the Republic and has travelled between Vallymount on the shore of Lough Liffey and what looks like a solar panel farm near Ballycowan.  He did make an initial trip to Waterford but this seems to be his routine at the moment.

Map updated 10/08/18 In the last week Ollie has headed north to Navan which is an area we know has proven popular with our gulls in the past.  José and Happy have been in this area recently as well and we will have to check the raw data to see if all three paths have crossed.

Map updated 16/08/18 Ollie has spent the last week travelling between a lough near Navan and what looks like a quarry near Johnstown Bridge.  Happy has also been on the lough but not at the same time.

Map updated 20/08/18  Ollie has headed south again and is back foraging in the locations he was in back at the start of August.


Map updated 21/09/18 Ollie is still down foraging at Lough Liffey

Map updated 24/09/18  Ollie has headed down to the coast near Waterford.  Is this him getting ready to make the journey across to Spain?

Map updated 04/10/18  Ollie has headed west inland and is busy foraging in a variety of different sites, mainly fields and he has been visiting a quarry as well.

Map updated 17/10/18  Ollie has headed back to the coast and seems to be favouring Dungarvan.

Map updated 22/10/18  Ollie really can’t seem to make his mind up at the moment and is pretty much hopscotching his way west.  He now down in Cork. Will this trend continue?


Map updated 12/11/18  It seems that Ollie has settled into a routine again.  The weather is quite mild at the moment dispite the storms we have had and he will probably stay here now until a cold spell hits.

Map updated 22/11/18  Ollie has finally left us and has made it to Portugal.  We hadn’t had any info from him since the 13th as the tag hadn’t received enough sunlight to charge but he was picked up at 1010 on the 20th flying south over the sea (the blue arrow you can see on the map).  You can see his migration route is bowed which suggests it was windy.  He reached Portugal at 0959 on the 21st near Povoa de Varzim.  We estimate he took up to 36 hours to make this journey.  He has since travelled south down the coast and at 0759 today he is near Aveiro.

Map updated 25/11/18  Ollie has continued down the coast before turning inland at Caldas da Rainha.  It’s unusal for our gulls to head inland at this point and Ollie is the first to do so.  If he continues in his current direction he will reach Faro in the next day.

Update 30/11/18 Ollie’s tag has gone offline like a few of our other gulls in Portugal this year.  Once he is back in range we can let you know how he is getting on.

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