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Luke Skysquawker

Luke Skysquawker is our third gull to be hand caught at Lochwinnoch this year

Luke Skysquawker is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull.   He was hand caught at Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch on the 12th of June.
Luke Skysquawker is a large gull that weighs in at 895g and has a wing length of 425mm.  He can be identified by his colour ring 15V:C.

Click this link to see Luke Skysquawker’s movements in 2019

Movements for 2018 below

Over the first few days of tagging we saw that Luke Skysquawker travelled to Little Cumbrae where most of the Lochwinnoch tagged gulls go to as there is a large nesting colony there.  Since then he has travelled to Strathclyde Country Park, our first gull to go here.

Map updated 05/07/18 Luke Skysquawker has set up base at Strathclyde Country Park.  When he is not on the Loch he is on the roof of the DHL building in Bellshill or down in fields near Quarter.

Map updated 11/07/18  Luke Skysquawker is still at Strathclyde Country Park.  We saw him on Sunday with a throat full of bread and he is looking great as you can see from the photo below.

Map updated 01/08/18  Luke Skysquawker is still spending alot of time in North Lanarkshire particularly at Strathclyde Country Park where he has now been spotted for a second time. 

Map updated 10/08/18  Luke Skysquawker is still spending alot of time at Strathclyde Country Park but has started to visit a few new places this week, including a quarry up near Plains in North Lanarkshire and fields near Lesmahagow.

Map updated 16/08/18 Strathclyde Country Park is still the place to be for Luke Skysquawker and he doesn’t seem to have been faced by the events during the European Champs.  We hear the gull flock is increasing in the park so hopefully he will head off soon.

Map updated 31/08/18 Luke Skysquawker has changed his movements much in the last couple of weeks.  He seems pretty settled but with a chill in the air in the morning he may soon be off.

Map updated 20/09/18  No change in Luke’s pattern.  We will update you next when it changes.

Map updated 21/10/18  Luke is on the move.  He left Strathclyde Country Park this afternoon and has spent the last four hours heading south.  He has now left Scotland and is currently off the coast of the Isle of Man.

Map updated 23/10/18  Luke is our last bird to leave Scotland this year. He was picked up yesterday off the coast of the Isle of Man and by 0823 this morning he was in Matosinhos. You can see by his map he took quite a wide route to get there. 

Map updated 25/10/18  Luke has spent the last couple of days refuelling in Matosinhos after his long flight south.  This area is popular with many of our gulls who spend time here before heading further south.

Map updated 28/10/18 Luke is definetly on a mission.  He has continued further south mainly following the coast before cutting across lasnd to head to the southern coast of Portugal.  He has continued east and is now in Spain.

Map updated 30/10/18  Luke has stopped in Spain and hanging about in the Marismas de Isla Cristina region.  This area is very popular with overwintering birds and it may be the case that Luke chooses to stop here.

Map updated 07/11/18  It looks like our guess was right and Luke has reached his wintering grounds.  He has a few favoured spots which include some rooftops to the north west, what looks like salines (salt gathering areas) and the banks of the river Rio Carreras.

Map updated 25/11/18  No change in Luke’s foraging pattern.  He looks like that’s him all set for this winter.

Map updated 06/12/18  Luke has certainly established a foraging routine on his wintering ground.  We wonder if there will be any change in the new year.


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