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Kingpin the Bold

Kingpin was caught in Lochwinnoch where he likes to visit a local homeowner

Kingpin is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull.   He was caught on the 15th of June, in one of our cage traps in a house in Lochwinnoch where he visits every day to get a dish of catfood.
Kingpin weighs in at 845g and has a wing length of 424mm.  He can be identified by his colour ring 18V:C and was named by the local lady that feed him.

Click this link to see Kingpin’s movements in 2019

Movements for 2018 below

Over the first few days of tagging we saw that Kingpin repeatedly travelled between his nesting site on Little Cumbrae and the house he visits every day in Lochwinnoch.


Map updated 05/07/18 Kingpin is focusing much of his foraging around the house in Lochwinnoch where he gets fed.  He has also made a few trips to the power station at Hunterston where there are gulls breeding.

Map updated 11/07/18 No surprises from Kingpin.  He is still visiting his friendly homeowner in Lochwinnoch.  Hopefully all the catfood is getting him ready for his migration.

Map updated 01/08/18 Kingpin is probably our most regular gull in his movements as he gets fed by a resident in Lochwinnoch.  However he has surprised us and made a wee trip to Johnstone! Not for long though and he was soon back eating his catfood.

Map updated 10/08/18 No change in movements from Kingpin.  He knows he is on to a good thing.

Map updated 16/08/18 Whoah! Kingpin broke from his routine and went to Kilbirnie! All joking aside he is acting pretty much like PC Bobby did last year who also only travelled between his roosting/nesting site and his food source.  We are sure Kingpin will surprise us soon.

Map updated 31/08/18  Kingpin is also staying settled into his outine.  We spotted him a few days ago waiting patiently for his dish of catfood and with that on offer why would he head anywhere else.

Map updated 07/09/18 Well it’s been a busy week with our gulls leaving Scotland. First Luna, then Stuart and today we have discovered Kingpin has left Lochwinnoch.  He has been happily scoffing dishes of catfood all summer at his friendly homeowner’s house in the village but yesterday was the day to head off.  He was last in the village at 1430 before flying in near enough a straight line south.  He was near Maybole by 1600 and off the coast of Scotland  near Cairngaan at 1800.  By 1905 he was flying over the Isle of Man and midnight saw him over The Skerries off the north Wales coast.  He was off the south coast of Wales by 0812 this morning and our last update has him in Cornwall at Tregoodwell at 0917. Will it be France or Spain next? And does he know another friendly house to get a dish of catfood?

Map updated 09/09/18 Kingpin the gull is absolutely flying at the moment (no pun intended). When we last reported him on Friday he was in Cornwall and he has barely stopped flying since. He left Cornwall near Mevagissey at 1222 on Friday and flew over to France in five hours. He continued through Brittany before coming to rest at Île Longue harbour at 2029. He was still there resting 8 hours later before being picked up a couple of hours later (0934) just off the coast near Primelin. He then flew across the Bay of Biscay in a south westerly direction for 19 hours before his last update this morning (9th) where he was just a few 100 metres off the coast of Spain at A Coruña.
So since leaving Lochwinnoch on Thursday afternoon his stats so far:- are a 28 hour flight to France followed by an 8-10 hour rest before flying another 19 hours to Spain. Cmon Kingpin!!

Map updated 10/09/18 We got some cracking news last night. As we told you yesterday Kingpin arrived in Spain in the morning. Well a few hours later he was spotted and photographed by birdwatcher Antonio Lopez! He was lucky to snap him as by 1100 Kingpin was on the move again. He only spent 5 hours in A Coruña before carrying on along the coast. He left Spain at about 1630 and carried on flying through the night down the Portugeuse coast. Our last update was at 0422 this morning and he was heading to Praia de Mira.

Map updated 13/09/18 Kingpin has made it to the Costa da Caprica beach in Portugal where Flyback hung out last year.  This is proving to be a popular place for many of our gulls.  Will he stop here or carry on?

Map updated 14/09/18  Kingpin has headed further south after spending time foraging along the coast.  He is currently down at Sol Tróia which was a favoured place for Roger last year.  Will Kingpin follow in his footprints?

Update 30/09/18 Kingpin’s tag has gone offline like some of our other gulls at the moment.  It will still be collecting data but due to roaming isn’t able to transmit it back to us.  Once he is back in range, probably in the Spring, we will let you know how he is doing.  For now we hope someone spots his colour ring and sends us a photo.

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