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Jonathan LC.Gull the oldest gull 2018

Jonathan LC. Gull was our ninth gull to be tagged and was caught using a whoosh net

Jonathan LC.Gull is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull   He was caught using a special type of net called a whoosh net with the help of the Clyde Ringing Group on the 7th of July. As he was caught at a feeding site we don’t have any evidence of nesting behaviour
but it is believed, by the movement data below, that he may have a nest in Kilmarnock or he may be a failed/non-breeder.  At the time of tagging he weighed 862.5g and has a wing length of 43.4cm.  Jonathan LC.Gull is an old gull.  We can tell this by the spots in his iris.  It isn’t impossible that he is already 20+ years old.  Jonathan LC.Gull can be identified in the field by his colour ring 16S:C.

Click this link to see Jonathan LC. Gull’s movements in 2017

Movements for 2018 below


Map updated 18/01/18 We believe Jonathan still to be in France.  The winter light has been quite poor in that region recently which has meant the tag hasn’t been able to charge enough to send us back the data as regularly as we would like. We will let you know how he is as soon as we hear.

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