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Clyde the Beith gull

Clyde was our eleventh gull to be tagged and was caught using a whoosh net

Clyde is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull   He was caught using a special type of net called a whoosh net with the help of the Clyde Ringing Group on the 7th of July. As he was caught at a feeding site we don’t have any evidence of nesting behaviour
but it is believed, by the movement data below, that he may have a nest on the whisky bonds in Beith.  At the time of tagging he weighed 835g and has a wing length of 42.4cm.  Clyde can be identified in the field by his colour ring 18S:C.

Click this link to see Clyde’s movements for 2018

Movements for 2017 below

After Clyde was released he stayed close to the catching site, returning to the roof of a nearby whisky bond.  He spends time foraging in the areas near his supposed nesting site  We will keep you updated on his movements.

Map updated on 28/08/17 In the last week Clyde has extended his foraging trips away from his nesting site on the whisky bonds in Beith to trips out into the Clyde.  He has travelled close to the Isle of Arran and we thought he might be about to start migrating but he about turned and came back. He still travels to Dalry where he hangs out on the rooftops of the ROCHE Factory and has paid Horse Isle off the coast of Ardrossan a visit as well.


Map updated 05/09/17 Clyde has started his migration and wow is he on the move.  On Wednesday afternoon (30th) Clyde left Beith at 1600 and headed south. He arrived on the shores of Loch Ryan at 1900 and left Scotland, flying over Sandhead at 2000. He arrived at the northern tip of the Isle of Man at 0500 on Thursday morning (31st) and was flying over Anglesey at 0800. He was then picked up over Carmarthen in South Wales at 1730. Clyde carried on his migration south passing over Cornwall at 0230 on Saturday morning (1st of September) .  We expected him to make landfall in Brittany just as Flyback had done but Clyde had other plans and flew right across the Bay of Biscay to Spain, a journey that took him over 24 hours.  He made landfall at 0514 on the 2nd of September near O Pieiro. He then travelled south and west, before flying down the coast.  He reached Portugal at 2044 on the 2nd and has spent the last two days feeding off the coast and hanging about in Matosinhos where he was picked up first thing this morning.  What a gull!

Map updated on 15/09/17 Clyde left Portugal on the 7th of September and reached Morocco on the afternoon of the 8th.  He made landfall near Plage Mimosa and has since headed through Casablanca and down the coast to Safi where he has spent the last five days feeding off the coast.  His journey to Morocco took 8 days and 21 hours, a journey that took Flyback 25 days. Will he head further south?

Map updated 21/09/17 Clyde has now moved down the coast from Safi and is foraging and roosting in Agadir

Map updated 29/09/17 Clyde continued on his journey south on Sunday the 24th and left Morocco and headed into Western Sahara.  He arrived at Laayoune where he has spent this week.  The region is very hot and we are expecting Clyde to continue south.  He is the first Scottish Lesser Black-backed Gull wearing a GSM tag to be tracked to this region!

Map updated 06/10/17 Clyde is still in Laayoune in Western Sahara.  He spent a few days foraging near the main port but has now started to do some bigger foraging trips at sea. 

Map updated 13/10/17 Clyde is still in Laayoune in Western Sahara.  He has established a routine and we feel that this may now be his final stop for winter.

Map updated 27/10/17 Clyde has left Laayoune and headed down the coast to Dakhla where he is now feeding near the port.  There has been a big movement of gulls into Africa from Portugal and we are wondering if he has joined up with some other birds.

Map updated 02/11/17 Clyde has remained on the sandy pennisula this week near Dakhla.  He seems to be foraging on the sandbar and out at sea.

Map updated 10/11/17 Clyde is still hanging out in Dakhla in the Western Sahara however this week he has been foraging more towards the southern tip of the peninsula.

Map updated 24/11/17 It has been a few weeks since we heard from Clyde#s tag.  We now believe there may be a network problem as our other gulls in Africa haven’t sent a download in the last few weeks either.  Hopefully this problem will be rectified soon.

Map updated 01/12/17 So we have heard that there was a network problem in Morocco/Western Sahara which has now been fixed and we are just waiting to see if Clydes tag will now be able to send the info throught the mobile network.  If not we will have to wait until he leaves Western Sahara before all the data is downloaded. Fingers crossed.

Map updated 07/12/17 It’s looking like we will not be able to retrieve any data from the gulls in Africa until they move to a new mobile network area.  The tags work by getting location data sent to them via satellite then relaying the info back via the mobile network.  The tags are currently collecting data but due to the fault that happened in the mobile network last month they haven’t been able to send location data back to us.  Once they connect with a new mobile network we will receive all the data and see what the gulls have been up too. It’s a pity we don’t look like we will be getting this info in real-time but hopefully we will find out soon how they are doing.

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