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Atty the adventurous gull

Atty was our third gull to be tagged and was hand caught in Lochwinnoch

Atty is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull.  He was hand caught at Castle Semple Loch on the 1st of June. 
As he was hand caught we don’t have any evidence of nesting behaviour but it is believed, by the movement data below,  that he has either had a nest which has failed or did not nest this year.  At the time of tagging he weighed 861.5g and has a wing length of 42.2cm.  He wears the colour ring, 15P:C.  Atty was named in honour of Sir David Attenborough.

Click this link to see Atty’s movements for 2018

Movements for 2017 below

After Atty was tagged he headed to Little Cumbrae via the Dalry Moor road before finishing his first recorded journey on Horse Isle.  He spent a few days going back and forth to an area above Ardrossan and Horse Isle.  On the 7th of June he headed to Glasgow’s Queen’s Park before going to Damns to Darnley Park and was spotted at Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue at 1800 that night. It was his movements on the 12th of June that have been the most surprising so far.  He was in Queen’s Park in the morning when he decided to head north to the Lake of Menteith and then east to rest on an army reserve base roof in Stirling.  He then headed back west to Lake of Menteith and then east to an area above Thornhill.  This behaviour suggests that Atty is either a failed breeder or is looking for a mate.

Map updated on 15/09/17  Atty has remained in the north where he travels regularly between Stirling and Cobleland.  In the last week he has spent alot of time on the banks of the River Forth foraging as well as sitting on the rooftops of Corton Vale Prison!  He still likes to return to the Lake of Menteith and also heads to the Springkerse Industrial Estate.


Map updated 21/09/17 Atty has moved away from Stirling in the last couple of days.  He made two trips near to the Kincardine Bridge before heading south yesterday where he returned to Kilbirnie Loch,  the first time he’s been back here for 3 months.  He’s currently in Glasgow near Dawsholm Park.  Is he getting ready to migrate?

Map updated 29/09/17 Well last week Atty headed back down to Renfrewshire through Glasgow and spent some time at Kilbirnie Loch.  However, this seems to have been a fleeting visit and he has returned north to Bridge of Allan. You have to wonder what goes through their minds sometimes.

Map updated 06/10/17 Atty was back in Stirlingshire this week but with the high winds he finally headed south.  He left on Monday the 2nd of October at 1900 and headed south through Dumfries and Galloway, past the western side of the Isle of Man then straight through Wales.  He then beared west flying over Cornwall and past France before entering the Bay of Biscay.  We thought he might have stopped in Spain but he avoided there as well.  Was this the winds pushing him west? He then looped along the western coast of Spain and Portugal before heading east and landed south of Vagos in Portugal at 1050 on Wednesday the 4th of October.  He flew non-stop for almost 40 hours!!!
He has now headed slightly south and is currently hanging out on the beach at Costa de Caparica where Flyback previously spent a week.

Map updated 13/10/17 Atty headed down to the southern coast of Portugal to Portimao and on Tuesday we thought he might be making moves to cross over to Morocco just like Clyde and Flyback.  However, he has decided to follow the coast into Spain.  He spent a day near Isla Cristina before heading further along the Spanish coast.  He currently near Chiclana de la Frontera and we are hoping he crosses the Strait of Gibralter into Morocco just like Stuart did late on on Tuesday night.

Map updated 27/10/17 Atty is now in Morocco and has headed straight down 2/3rds of the coast to Sidi Ouarzeg.  We haven’t heard anything from his tag since the 21st of October but it looks like it hasn’t been able to charge properly.  Hopefully we will get a signal from his tag in the next few days.

Map updated 02/11/17 No news of Atty’s whereabouts at the moment.  His tag was working perfectly and he was last picked up heading to Western Sahara.  The reception in this region is really poor so hopefully he will reappear soon.

Map updated 10/11/17 Atty’s tag is yet to reach an area of reception however we know his tag is working, hopefully he will head further south in to an area of good signal soon.

Map updated 24/11/17 Still no download from Atty’s tag.  We now believe there may be a network problem as our other gulls in Africa haven’t sent a download in the last few weeks either.  Hopefully this problem will be rectified soon.

Map updated 01/12/17 So we have heard that there was a network problem in Morocco which has now been fixed and we are just waiting to see if Atty’s tag will now be able to send the info throught the mobile network.  If not we will have to wait until he leaves Morocco before all the data is downloaded. Fingers crossed.

Map updated 07/12/17 It’s looking like we will not be able to retrieve any data from the gulls in Africa until they move to a new mobile network area.  The tags work by getting location data sent to them via satellite then relaying the info back via the mobile network.  The tags are currently collecting data but due to the fault that happened in the mobile network last month they haven’t been able to send location data back to us.  Once they connect with a new mobile network we will receive all the data and see what the gulls have been up too. It’s a pity we don’t look like we will be getting this info in real-time but hopefully we will find out soon how they are doing.

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