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Archie the wandering gull

Archie was our tenth gull to be tagged and was caught using a whoosh net

Archie is an adult male Lesser Black-backed Gull   He was caught using a special type of net called a whoosh net with the help of the Clyde Ringing Group on the 7th of July. As he was caught at a feeding site we don’t have any evidence of nesting behaviour
but it is believed, by the movement data below, that he may have a nest in Kilmarnock or he may be a failed/non-breeder.  At the time of tagging he weighed 860g and has a wing length of 43.2cm.  Archie, like Jonathan LC Gull, also has spots in his iris but not as many suggesting he is an older bird than many of the others that we have tagged, maybe 12+ years old.

Click this link to see Archie’s movements for 2018

Movements for 2017 below

After Archie was released he stayed close to the catching site, roosting on nearby whisky bonds.  He then headed to the coast before spending time north of Kilmaurs.   He has travelled between this feeding site and Kilmarnock a couple of times before heading to Seamill.  We will keep you updated on his movements.

Map updated on 21/09/17 Archie regularly returns to his catching site to forage. Archie has moved back to Kilmarnock train station to roost from the DSM factory in Dalry.  He has made a few foraging trips to Glengarnock and Kilbirnie Loch and is hopefully putting weight on for his upcoming migration.

Map updated 29/09/17.  Not much has changed with Archie this week.  Bring on the northernly winds and hopefully he’ll be for the off.

Map updated 06/10/17 Archie is still hanging about in his favourite haunts.  As you can see he has now been named by Laura and Fergus from The Brown Bull in Lochwinnoch.

Map updated 13/10/17 Archie is still with us in Scotland.  He is still returning to the train station at night to roost and during the day he likes to hangout at the Kilmarnock Asda near the rugby ground.  Numbers of gulls are increasing at retail parks and shopping centres and we think these may be good areas for the gulls to congregate and chat to each other.

Map updated 27/10/17 Archie is still hanging out in his favourite spots.  We are only getting updates from his tag every 2 days or so at the moment as there isn’t enough Scottish sun to charge his tag.

Map updated 02/11/17 Archie is still doing the same old thing.  It can be hard to see that he has actually moved looking at the maps but rest assured he is still alive and kicking.  The cold weather at the weekend pushed one of the other Scottish birds south but Archie is still here…for now.

Map updated 10/11/17 Archie has so far not been tempted to head south despite the cold weather and is still keeping to his usual routine.

Map updated 24/11/17 Archie now is our only remaining gull in Scotland.  He is still hanging out in Kilmarnock near the Asda.

Map updated 01/12/17 Archie has finally moved! It has been chilly all week and this looks like it has encouraged Archie to head south yesterday.  He is currently at the coast just down from Ballantrae and could either cross over to Ireland of head south.  We look forward to his next update.

Map updated 07/12/17 Archie has left Scotland, meaning all our gulls have migrated.  We weren’t sure if he would fly over to Ireland or head south but south it was and he flew all the way down to Cornwall arriving on the 1st of December.  He has been hanging around near Perranuthnoe and was spotted on Sunday at Hayle (although his tag didn’t ping when he was there) by the Regional Bird Recorder for Cornwall.  Will Storm Caroline drive him further south?

Map updated 13/12/17 Archie is in France! He left Cornwall at the weekend following all the snow and flew south past the coast of Brittany. He looked like he was going to head straight for Spain but he decided to double back and has been hanging around in the estuary near Le Verdon sur-Mer since the 10th of December.

Archie’s sponsors

The Brown Bull, Lochwinnoch, Clyde Ringing Group, Florence Miller, Nicola Conner

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