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0L3:C our second female gull

0L3:C is our second female gull to be tagged

0L3:C is an adult female Lesser Black-backed Gull. She was caught in one of our nest traps on the Isle of Pladda off the south coast of Arran on the 7th of June.  Her nest has three eggs. 0L4:C weighs in at 760g and has a wing length of 388mm.  She can be identified by her colour ring 0L4:C.


Movements for 2018 below

Over the first few days of tagging we can see that 0L3:C spent alot of time near her nest before making a foraging trip to South Ayrshire yesterday.





Map updated 20/06/18 0L3:C has started to travel alot to the mainland to gather food for her chicks.  She repeatedly travels to Mosshill Industrial Estate whch is near Ayr Hospital and to the same fields north west of Straiton.

Map updated 05/07/18 0L3:C has been busy since her last update. She took a wee trip to Sanquhar on the 28th of June before heading back to South Ayrshire.  On Tuesday night she was near Kirkmichael before, in the early hours of Wednesday morning (4th) she flew south into Dumfries and Galloway.  She spent a few hours on the wee islands in Big Water of Fleet before flying north east.  She spent time near Twynholm and Laurieston before at 2036 she headed to Crossmichael where she was last picked up at 0852 this morning.



Update on 10/08/18 Unfortunately we have to announce that data from 0L3:C’s has informed us that she has passed away.  We kindly recieved help from one of the NTS Rangers from Threave Castle who went to see if he could recover her but the vegetation in the area where her tag was transmitting from was too thick.  We don’t know the cause of her death.  She may have been predated or she may have suffered during the long heat spell which has been a problem for many gulls this year.  It’s a shame to lose a Team Gull 2018 member but there are many dangers out there and tagging helps to highlight these.





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