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Kingpin has been snapped in Spain.

Spotted on the beach

Kingpin has been snapped in Spain

Kingpin arrived in Spain yesterday morning and a few hours later he was spotted and photographed by birdwatcher Antonio Lopez. 

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Don’t stop him now

Kingpin the gull is absolutely flying at the moment.  When we last reported him on Friday he was in Cornwall

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Third gull leaves Scotland this week

Well it’s been a busy week with our gulls leaving Scotland. First Luna, then Stuart and today we have discovered

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Stuart has left our shores

Stuart has left our shores and headed over to the Republic of Ireland.  Yesterday he was hanging about the mouth

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Down in Dumfrieshire

Stuart has been continuing his tour of South Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway since we last updated you. He has

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Watch out there’s colour ringed Oystercatchers about

This week we were invited up to Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue to fit their hand reared Oystercatchers with colour rings before

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Cheery bye Stuart

So it looks like Stuart has left the village for another year.  On Friday evening (10th) he was recorded up

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Gary’s back in Burton upon Trent

Gary has returned to Burton upon Trent where he spent five months last year after rearing his two chicks.  Over

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Keep an eye out for colour rings

It’s not just our Lesser Black-backed Gulls that are wearing colour rings at Castle Semple.  There are also Herring Gulls

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