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Semple Stories Mine Memories Vol 1.

A series of oral histories from former Muirshiel Mine worker Harry Pratt

Semple Stories Mine Memories Vol 1

The Semple Stories Lochwinnoch’s Glories Project aimed to capture oral histories from local people and preserve them for future generations.

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New Solar Audio History Posts

Three new solar audio history posts have been installed at Castle Semple Country Park as part of the Semple Stories

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Welcome to the homepage for the Semple Stories Lochwinnoch’s Glories Project. This project ran from 2019-2020 and was funded by Greater Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Leader and Heritage Lottery Fund. See the project leaflet for highlights and more information.

The Project Facebook page can be found here and Instagram here. There are also blog and news items on our website you can search for using the key phrase ‘Semple Stories’.


You can explore Lochwinnoch on foot with the following the project’s self-led guided walks, learning about key points of interest along the way:

Walk 1 – The Calder Weave

Walk 2 – The New Town

Walk 3 – The Old Town and Park

Walk 4 – The ‘C’s of Castle Semple

Activities and Games

There are also Downloadable Activities for Schools and Families around Lochwinnoch village:
Use a camera to complete the ‘Lochwinnoch Then and Now for schools‘ or download, print and tick off the Scavenger Hunt as you wander the streets around the village.

The Project produced a series of downloadable games for children. These are historical games suggested and recounted by Lochwinnoch residents with information on how they were played in the past but also contain modern day updates. The downloads will be of interest to parents looking for things to do and reminiscent for big kids:



Ice Free Curling notes



Wrang Soo By the Lug


You might also find this guide What would you like to know – Conducting an interview useful if you would like to start your own investigation into the past within your family. There are so many resources online for maps on the National Library of Scotland’s website. See this guide for a tutorial – National Library of Scotland Digital Maps Tutorial.


Semple Stories on Site

Find out more about the Semple Estate through to more recent memories on newly installed interpretation boards at Castle Semple. There is also a U-Turn Round with oral histories from former worker Harry Pratt (photographed right) at Muirshiel’s old barytes mine. Solar interpretation posts have now arrived at Castle Semple Loch, Parkhill and Downies Mound in Parkhill Wood.


Interpretation panel about Lochwinnoch









New U-Turn Round at Muirshiel Mine

As part of the Semple Stories Lochwinnoch Glories oral history project you can now hear the oral history from local

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