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Another gull off to Ireland.

0L1:C has left Troon

Another gull off to Ireland

OL1:C was the first gull we tagged on Pladda and very shortly afterwards he headed to the mainland.  He is

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Fourth Gull named

As you all know we like to name our members of Team Gull as we feel it helps with the

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Gull number 11 tagged

Our 11th gull has been tagged for this year and he already has a name…Kingpin the Bold.  Kingpin was captured

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What’s it all about Archie?

Archie is one of 2017’s Team Gull members. Archie was our last gull to migrate last year, leaving Scotland on

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Gull number 10 tagged

It’s time to introduce you to gull number 10 for 2018.  15V:C is a very large male, weighing in at

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Roger is no more

Sadly we have learnt here at Tag-n-Track that we have lost a second member of Team Gull. Roger has been

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Roland returns

Roland is back!! We received a welcomed update from our tracking system this morning showing that Roland had made it

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