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RYA Seamanship Skills 14-15/09/19.

Advance those skills you picked up on your Level 2 Sailing Course at Castle Semple Loch. Taking place on 14th & 15th September, book online today for £140

RYA Seamanship Skills 14-15/09/19

This course is focused initially on the revision and refinement of skills on a level 2 course, with a focus

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Blue Green Algae Alert

Castle Semple Loch has high levels of blue-green algae although the type of algae present has changed to a species

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The rise of the Diatoms

The turbulent weather (wet and windy) doesn’t suit blue-green algae, but is good news for Diatoms and motile green algae

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Castle Semple Cyanobacteria

Update 27.06.17: water level is still at ‘Level 2’ although not as concentrated. Cyanobacteria is at 525/ml, 1250/ml is level

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