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Summer Kids.

The summer holidays have started, and last Wednesday we hosted our first Summer Kids event - Stick Boat Building!

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Last Wednesday at Muirshiel Country Park we had our first Summer Kids event this year – Stick Boat Building. The children (with the help of our rangers and their parents) learned to build their very own boats made from sticks collected throughout the park. There were some very artful creations, especially the sails which they designed & coloured themselves!

Once they were finished putting them together they were launched in our nearby Tesco pond. One of the boats floated really well and even had a short sail, but unfortunately most of them were either a little top heavy and capsized, or they just didn’t float! Lesson learned: boatbuilding is difficult! Never mind, instead of boats we just had submarines, which worked just as well with a little assistance.

All followed up with a tea, coffee & snack back at the centre!

We are hosting the Summer Kids events every Wednesday during the school holidays. This Wednesday we have the Johnshill Orienteering event where we’ll be teaching the kids the basic of how to follow directions on a simple map, identify features and make their way to waypoints places throughout the field.

For more info about what other Summer Kids events we have on visit our events page.



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