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Rooftop visit to St Columba’s.

Chick ringing adventures for the TnT team

On the last day of term the TnT team headed to St Columba’s High in Gourock to ring the Herring Gull chicks that the pupils and staff in the science department had been watching over the last few weeks.  The S1 pupils took part in the Tag-n-Track workshops before Christmas and enjoyed finding out where the gulls went to.  The teachers were excited to see a gull nesting on the roof as they hoped we would be able to tag it but unfortunately it was a Herring Gull as opposed to a Lesser Black-backed.  However, this doesn’t stop us from colour ringing the chicks and they have now been fitted with their white and red rings reading 14S:C and 10W:C.  Hopefully the pupils and staff will be able to spot them over the coming months and years.

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