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Roger is no more.

Sadly we have lost another member of Team Gull

Sadly we have learnt here at Tag-n-Track that we have lost a second member of Team Gull. Roger has been found dead in Portugal. We last heard from his tag since the 24th of March. However, this didn’t bother us too much as other birds in the region weren’t sending us info from their tags. Then last week we received a ringing recovery report from the British Trust for Ornithology which informed us that Roger had been found dead and identified by his colour rings.  He was found in Torrao in the Setúbal region of Portugal.  This was where his tag last sent a signal.  Unfortunately we don’t know how he died but when he was last sighted in January he had a badly swollen foot.  Gulls often get sore feet due to the environment they hang about in but they usually recover from this. Although this is a sad loss for the project Roger, like Gully MacGullface, has contributed massively to the understanding of gull movements and helped to spread the word that gulls aren’t as bad as everyone makes them out.  On a plus note as well, with the help of the BTO, we have managed to track down his tag and should receive it in the next few days and may be able to redeploy it.

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