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Ringing workshop for Higher Biology pupils.

The TnT team delivered a ringing session for St Stephen's High

A group of pupils from St Stephen’s Higher Biology Class visited the TnT Team and the Rangers yesterday at Greenock Cut.  They were learning about different surveying techniques and we delivered a bird ringing workshop for them which is a perfect example of a mark, release and recapture survey.  The pupils saw Great Tits and Reed Buntings in the hand and learnt that the bird that all ringers fear is the nippy wee Blue Tits.  Both Hayley and Hannah sacrificed some of the skin of their fingers as they showed how the plumage brightness for this species differs between the sexes.  The Reed Buntings were the star of the show though as the males are just finishing off developing their black heads ready for the mating season.  Their head feathers grow in chestnutty in colour and the ends abrade away to the black underneath.  You can see in the photo below that this male has almost completed his moult.


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