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Ranger Work In The Snow.

Seasonal Ranger Ryan Talks About His New Video And Working In The Snow.

Hi Seasonal Ranger Ryan here. I decided to piece together some high definition footage for the snow that fell in Muirshiel Country Park on the 7th of January 2022 and uploaded it to the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park YouTube Channel. 

The journey up to Muirshiel Country Park was a careful drive in the ranger team’s 4×4 vehicle. The snow in the park was roughly about 3 inches deep but looked much deeper thanks to it sitting on top of heather growing over the moors. When I arrived the sky was grey but the snow had finally eased off and after a session of snow shovelling, the sun started to shine and the grey clouds had moved off leaving a beautiful cobalt blue sky contrasting with the snowy landscape. 

I decided to head out with my camera and phone to patrol and get some photos and videos to document what the Park was like that day as I knew the snow would not last long.

I also went off track a little to check my trail cameras and make sure they were not buried in snow. This was very challenging as I had to use my knowledge of the terrain to my advantage, because one false step on some seemingly level surface snow and I could be falling down an incline! 

Thankfully I made it back safe and sound with some very cold hands from filming and taking photos which I hope you all enjoy.

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