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Purple Russian.

Flower show at Castle Semple's shore

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Along the lochshore of Castle Semple Loch look out Russian comfrey with its purple-blue flowers and the pale-yellow petals of tuberous comfrey.  The ‘Russian’ is a hybrid of common comfrey and prickly comfrey that is native to Russia.  Its common name comes from the Latin ‘conferre’ that means ‘to bring together’ as the roots of the plant were once grated and made into a sludge that hardened to make a stookie for broken limbs.  Other plants on show along the shore over the weekend were the brilliant Marsh Marigold and pink purslane that often has white flowers.  Pink purslane was brought to the UK in the 18th century and the scientific part of its name ‘sibirica’ reveals its heritage as Russian.

Tuberous comfrey
Marsh marigold
Pink purslane
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