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Parkhill Perambulation.

Meadow meander to woodland walk

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Walking from Lochwinnoch through the Johnshill field there is a striking display of cowslips. The seeds of cowslip take a few years to germinate.  Although they were sown there a few years ago they’ve only recently appeared.  Bluebells are out in force at Parkhill wood as you wander along the path round to the Semple Trail lookouterie.  At the top of Parkhill the red flowers of blaeberry will catch your eye.  If you then walk down to the Central Track of the wood you can see the work done to remove rhododendrons that are now being covered by naturally regenerating birch trees. While on the uphill side of the Central Track you’ll see trees that were planted in 2013 and during this winter had their protective tubes removed by our Thursday volunteers.

Planted trees 2013
Rhododendron removed
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