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Haylie Brae

Enjoy the panoramic views of Largs and out over the Clyde to the Isles of Cumbrae, Bute and Arran.

You can start from the Haylie Brae car park for less of a strenious walk or you can park and walk up from Largs via Douglas Park on Irvine Road if you fancy a bit more of a work out.

The Haylie Brae view point offers amazing views of the Forth of Clyde, with Greater and Wee Cumbrae, Bute and Arran and the peaks of the arrochar alps away to the north all visible on a clear day. If you feel like a bit more of a leg stretch then make your way to Castle Hill to stand on the site of the the Iron Age Hill Fort, and look across to the Iron Age Fort at Knockhill. Its easy to imagine that these two forts offered the inhabitants quite a commanding view of the area back in the day.

If you have suitable hill walking equipment it’s a nice loop to Gogo Water and Greeto Falls alkong the ridge via Riggin Hill.

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