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Our Castle Semple Centre has the specialist staff, facilities and equipment to accommodate people of all abilities and in 2012 we became Scotland’s first Royal Yachting Association Sailablility ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Try out all our accessible activities at our annual Wheels to Water event, usually held in May or June every year. Watch our facebook page for updates nearer the time and information how to book on.

We have:

  • Specially adapted hansa 303 sailing dinghies and kayaks designed for use by people with additional support needs.
  • We have 2 Wheely Boats, a V20 and a V17  to allow wheelchair users to access the loch.
  • Access to a range of adapted hand bikes, trikes and side by side bikes
  • Adapted equipment to ensure comfort in the boats supplied and designed by our partners in access – Equal Adventure.
  • Experienced staff to make clients feel relaxed as they learn skills and experience being out on the water.
  • A range of hoists that gives wheelchair users access to boats and bikes

Castle Semple has received 5 star reviews from users on Euan’s Guide and we take part in Disabled Access Day each year as well as various disability open days and competitive/non-competitive events throughout the country.

Our Outdoor Activity Instructors can discuss your requirements and tailor make activity sessions to your needs. View our specialist equipment below and get in touch to discuss your requirements, we’ll tailor make your activity sessions to suit for groups or individuals. For come and try days and events please check our What’s On Page, to find out more or to arrange your session email our team or call us on 0300 300 0200

Available Accessibility Equipment – Land

Mountain Trike

This is the ideal Trike for your outdoor everyday use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park and for the more adventurous, it has even been known to climb the odd mountain or two! The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain. Steering and brakes are controlled by the right hand on 2 of the trikes and 1 has dual control with steering on the right hand and brake on the left hand. A certain degree of upper body strength is needed to get these going on anything apart from flat tarmac or if going off road.

Hand Cycle Trike

A range of hand cycles that replicate a standard wheelchair in height and user seating. The cycles are powered by hand cranks with gears and brakes on the handlebars. You will need to be able to transfer either manually or by hoist onto the hand bike. The bikes are suitable for all tarmac cycle path routes and easy trails around the Centre.

Side by Side

A 2 seat trike that the riders can sit next to each other and either both or individually take part in the pedalling. One person is in charge of steering and brakes! The seats can swivel to ease access and foot plates for people who can not pedal can be fitted. The bike is suitable for all tarmac cycle path routes and easy trails around the Centre.


Performance Hand Cycles

A fully recumbent range of more performance-oriented machines. Designed around getting the best speed out of your available arm power. These bikes are very low to the ground and do have some challenges in getting in and out of them, once in though they are very comfortable to spend time in covering good distances out on the road, cycle path or round a track. The bike is suitable for all tarmac cycle routes.


A 3-wheel bike with a standard bike saddle and gears. Designed for those who can ride but may not have great balance. The bike is suitable for all tarmac cycle path routes and easy trails around the Centre.

Available Accessibility Equipment – Water

Wheely Boat Discovery

Designed for a wide range of activities on inshore and inland waters and our most versatile Wheelyboat to date. It is built for use with outboards up to 90hp and a maximum speed of 30mph to provide disabled people with exhilarating powerboating. Designed primarily for people with mobility difficulties, it comes with a drive-from-wheelchair helm as standard. Its huge 84 square feet of floor space can accommodate up to ten adults including six wheelchair users in comfort. Its innovative design, ease of access on and off and large open cockpit means it also has considerable versatility. Level access by ramp means its easy for any wheelchair (manual or power) user to get on and off.

Hawk Sailing Boat

A 20-foot-long sailing boat with great stability and ease of use. It can accommodate 5 or 6 people on board including an instructor and is a great introduction to sailing. You will need to be able to step on board with assistance if needed and support yourself on the side seats that face in towards the middle of the boat. The boat can be sailed with just 1 of the 2 sails so it can be sailed at a very sedate pace with very little heeling if required.

Hansa 303 Dinghy

The workhorse of our sailability boats. A single or twin seat boat with a drop keel and 2 sails. Ease of use of use is the key feature of these boats along with a very high resistance to capsize. You can get in one and be sailing it on your own within half an hour. Hoisting into these boats is available. Once you’re in you don’t need to manoeuvre around. These boats take part in an active racing programme and the Scottish 303 Traveler series.


For water activities we have a hoist that aids people getting in and out of boats

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