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Our New Muirshiel Country Park Seasonal Countryside Ranger.

Introducing Ryan, who has joined the Ranger Team at Muirshiel Country Park - Meet the new Seasonals!

Photo of Ryan supporting world ranger day.Hi my name is Ryan, I am a new Seasonal Countryside Ranger at Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, based at Muirshiel Country Park.

I have been kept very busy starting my personal project up in Muirshiel Country Park (More of that to come in future posts). ^_^
I have a large variety of experience form wildlife rescue and rehabilitation of Scottish wildlife to caring for animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Bolivia and have also dabbled in beekeeping.

I am looking forward to helping protect the natural environment of Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park with your help to keep it clean and safe. I am mostly excited to inspire others (and hopefully the next generation of conservationists) by sharing my enthusiasm & wonder of natural history and stories of my recent adventures.

Many thanks to @NatureScot, the Scottish Government and Greener Scotland for this opportunity.


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