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Our first gull chicks hatch out.

The first of our tagged gull's chicks hatch out

The Tag-n-Track Team recently visited the gull colony on the roof of Greenock Police station and were pleased to see that our tagged gull, 9P5C, now has 3 chicks.  For the first few days, gull chicks stay in the nest before they start investigating their surroundings. They are hatched fully coated in feathers and able to move about the nest.  At this stage they are rather cute and lost gull chicks are often mistaking for ducklings because of their webbed feet.  9P5C was observed being a very attentive father and went into defence mode as we approached for a closer look as part of our monitoring of breeding success.  A quick photo and we soon left them to it.  10P:C and his mate are still sitting on two eggs and it shouldn’t be long until they hatch too.


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