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Nuthatches ringed during Community Network Visit.

The first Nuthatches were ringed in the Park this week during a visit from Community Networks

On Thursday the Tag-n-Track Officer Hayley organised a ringing demonstration and gull ID session for one of the Park’s regular volunteer groups, Community Networks.  The group usually helps out with maintenance tasks around the Visitor Centre at Muirshiel but in this session they learned about different birds, why ringing takes place, what it involves and the tagging and movements of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls.

The highlight of the day occurred just as the group arrived when two Nuthatches, a female and a juvenile, where caught in the mist net. We have had sightings of this species in the park over the last few years but have never managed to capture any for ringing. The group learned how Nuthatches walk head first down trees and how their population is increasing.  Hopefully more Nuthatches will be spotted and the ringed birds will be regular visitors to the Muirshiel bird feeders. Keep your eyes peeled.

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