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News from the roof.

Greenock chicks doing well

We visited Harry and Gary’s chicks again this week and it’s great to see they are doing well.  They are 30 and 28 days olds and their primary feathers which allow them to fly are coming in beautifully.  They are able to fly from about 40 days.  The station janitor advised us that he was having workmen on the roof in the afternoon to carry out some essential maintence in the plant room and could we check that the chicks weren’t going to be too near so they didn’t disturb them.  We found both chicks well away from the plant room door but advised them to be careful as at this age the chicks will not always sit nicely like 12W:C (Gary’s chick). 11W:C (Harry’s chick) stood on the edge of the roof and watched us as we moved about.  We stayed a good distance away from him and he jumped back onto the roof as we started to climb down the ladder.  It’s great to see a positive attitude to gull chicks.


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