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New Seasonal Ranger – Marcel.

Introducing Marcel: Our new Seasonal Countryside Ranger here at Clyde Muirshiel!

Hello 👋 I’m Marcel, one of the new seasonal rangers here at Clyde Muirshiel! If you happen to see me around the park you might hear me saying things like “Crikey!”, or “G’Day mate”, and you’d be right in thinking I’m an Aussie. I moved to Scotland in 2015 when I decided it’d be nice to swap “warm and sunny” for “driech”. I now live in Paisley, and despite the weather, I love it here!

If you meet me while I’m out and about you’ll get to know that I’m pretty passionate about the environment, particularly our role as humans in managing and caring for it. When I lived in Australia I studied a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Social Science and worked in various land management and conservation roles. Now I’m here, and am hopefully able to bring some these experiences I’ve had overseas to help out in Scotland as well!

We all know how significant the impacts of human activities have been on the earth, especially the climate and it’s biodiversity, and more than ever there is a need for us to take care of the natural world so that future generations can continue to enjoy the incredible landscapes and scenery we have in places like Clyde Muirshiel. I know that as a ranger here I can have a positive impact on the local community of people and nature I’ve come to value during the time I’ve lived in Scotland, and I look forward to meeting all your friendly faces in time to come!

See ya ‘round!


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