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Marine Rescue Training at Lunderston Bay.

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Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park Rangers at Greenock Cut Visitor Centre took part in a Marine Rescue Training course last week. Also joining our team there were vet students from Edinburgh, local kayaking club members, local divers, RNLI crew member, a couple up form Galloway and people over from the Cowal peninsula!

The course involved learning about the native marine mammals to the UK and ways to identify them. We learnt Important health and safety information about preventing and passing infections  from marine mammals to humans rescuers.

Training was completed at Lunderston bay with life size models on the beach where we learned about the various rescue techniques for dolphins, seals and small whales.

We caused quite the stir on the beach with many people rushing over as they mistook the models for real animals!

Everyone on the course is now a qualified marine medic and is now on call 24hrs a day to assist with marine mammal rescues with the Clyde area.

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