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Lambing and bird nesting seasons in the Regional Park.

Asking visitors to the park to keep their dogs under control now that lambing and bird nesting seasons are underway.

As spring advances the lambing season will be getting underway in the Regional Park. Farmers will be busy making sure lambs will be delivered safely, plus they will also be putting cattle and other livestock back out onto the fields in the lowland areas of the park.

This is also the beginning of the bird breeding season, with many different species of birds using the woods and fields in the park to nest.

In order to protect livestock and nesting birds, we are asking visitors to the sites within the Regional Park to keep their dogs on a lead or under very close control (within 2m). Off lead and out of control dogs can worry or attack livestock and disturb sensitive wildlife. New laws are now in place which can result in dog owners receiving heavy fines or up to 12 months in prison if their dogs attack or worry livestock. Please read the Scottish Outdoor Access Code for more information and how to ensure livestock and wildlife are kept safe when you visit.


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