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Going Green at the Cample Burn

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During May this year the Thursday volunteer group weeded juniper at the Cample Burn and, where juniper growth was good, they removed some of the tubes that had been protecting them. Checking the juniper this week the juniper require some more weeding and tubes removed before the winter months. Some of the older juniper that was planted seven years ago is now well established and looking bushy while the eared willow have mostly escaped the clutches of the straw coloured grass. There are a few aspen and rowan on the site as well so the enclosure is beginning to have a more biodiverse appearance.

If you are interested in doing some volunteering, we’ll be arranging a session to hike up the gentle slopes of Misty Law and do a bit of maintenance at the site. Check out the Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park volunteer webpage or contact the rangers at Castle Semple to find out more. or phone 0300 300 0200. Option 1 for castle Semple.

Eared Willow
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