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Johnshill Jaunt.

A monkey in the meadow


The meadow area at Johnshill is now covered with ox-eye daisy as well as yellow rattle whose seeds inside its cases are beginning to make that sound which its name suggests. The yellow rattle is an important part of the meadow at Johnshill as it partly parasites grasses and allows slower growing plants to establish.  As the field has not been grazed for several years dormant seeds have occasionally successfully awakened.  It was great this week to see a single greater butterfly orchid at Johnshill put in an appearance.  Wildlife has also been quick to find the small pond with azure and large red damselflies competing for plant position.  The invasive monkey flower, which was brought to the UK from Alaska in the 1800s, has also sneaked on the site forming an outpost on the wetter ground.

Monkey flower
Azure damselfly
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