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Gull number 11 tagged.

So hello to Kingpin the Bold

Our 11th gull has been tagged for this year and he already has a name…Kingpin the Bold.  Kingpin was captured in one of our cage traps in a house in Lochwinnoch.  The homeowner has gotten to know Kingpin and gained his trust and everyday he comes into her hall for a dish of cat food.  He walked straight into our trap and we took him back to the centre for tagging before returning him. He hopped out the box and proceeded to hoover up the cat biscuits scattered in the garden for him.  We can see from the data starting to come in that he basically travels between his nest on Little Cumbrae and his friendly homeowner in Lochwinnoch every day.  He is an unusually gull and it will be interesting to see where he travels to.

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