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Gull number 10 tagged.

Our tenth gull has been tagged

It’s time to introduce you to gull number 10 for 2018.  15V:C is a very large male, weighing in at 895g.  He was hand caught at Castle Semple Loch, our third one here this year.  He was tagged last week on the 12th of June and since then he has done what we have expected the Lochwinnoch gulls to do so far and travelled back to Little Cumbrae.  However, since then he has headed east and hung about in the vicinity of Strathclyde Country Park for a couple of days before heading back to Little Cumbrae then back to Strathclyde.  There is a large gull presence here but 15V:C is the first of our gulls to go here.  We wonder what he is up too?

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