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Windows on Wildlife.

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European OtterThe Windows on Wildlife (WoW) Project was a joint Leader and Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) project based at Castle Semple Visitor Centre, which aimed to show visitors that our hidden wildlife is often closer than you think. The original project finished in 2015 although the Ranger Service and Countryside Office continue to film with the help of the project trail cameras.

We have observed the wildlife that inhabits Castle Semple Country Park, the loch, surrounding woodland areas and beyond. Highlights of the project included the viewing of otters and badgers, as well as many of the other animals and birds found nearby. With the cameras permanently out the images shown on the Park’s Visitor Centre and Youtube Channel will constantly be changing so it’s worth popping in to see what the ‘neighbours’ have been up to.

Once you have caught up with the recent goings on why not take a stroll to see if you can spot what’s out and about.

Currently on Camera

Autumn is definitely with us in the Park at the moment. The two badger cubs, Rough and Tumble, are now ten months old and are fully grown, although they still have cubby-looking faces. The badgers have been busy gaining weight for the winter. ‘Old Boy’, the dominant male, was injured in a territorial dispute but has now fully recovered.  The roe deer now have their winter coats and it is easier to spot them in the woods as the vegetation dies back.

The high water levels have meant that the otters have been seen more regularly in daylight hours.  On a sadder note, we have only managed to film one cub with the female over the last few weeks so it does look like two of the cubs have perished.

Talks and Walks

The WoW Officer will be available for talks and guided walks relating to the project and the wildlife seen. If you would like to find out more please email


The Windows on Wildlife Project now has its own Facebook page and can be found at

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