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Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus).

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Roe deer is the smallest British deer. Its coat changes colour depending on the season, from red-brown to sandy in summer and from grey-brown to black in winter. Only the male has antlers, which are significantly smaller then those of Red Deer for example. Their diet consists of heather, ivy, bramble, herbs, bilberry and coniferous tree shoots. Open woodland is the most likely place to spot this deer, at dawn or at dusk when it is most active. Maiting occurs in August, but the fertilised egg does not grow for another 4 months. This delay is an adaptation to avoid giving birth in cold winter weather. Up to 3 kids (usually 1-2) are born between May and June. Unlike other deers, roe deer does not live in herds and it is often seen on its own or a mother with her offspring.

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