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Gary heads south on his second recorded migration.

Bye bye Greenock

Gary, one of Team Gull 2017’s members, is off on his second recorded migration! And what has really surprised us is that he has started on the same date as he did last year, the 29th of July.  In the early hours of the morning he was recorded on the roof of the Chivas building in Paisley before heading off and being recorded south east of East Kilbride at 0904.  By 1503 he was over the A702 and then in Abington at 1801.  By 0158 on the 30th of July he had stopped for a rest on the Dingbro roof in Dumfries where he remained until being picked up feeding near on the banks of the River Annan at 0954.  He was still there six hours later and was then picked up flying south near Keilhead at 1851.  Our last record of him was on the banks of the Solway Firth at 2249.

Last year Gary headed south by following the motorway network but seems to be taking a different route this year.  Will he head back to Burton upon Trent? We will let you know.

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