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Gary and Luna’s chicks ready to fly.

TnT team visited the Greenock Police Station roof this week

This week the Tag-n-Track team went to check on the progress of the two surviving chicks on Greenock Police Station roof. The first one we encountered was Gary’s chick (12W:C), which was trying to hide from us by not looking at us! The chick was on a lower section of the roof so it’s likely it fell. We did a quick check and the chick was absolutely fine so we put it back up to the main rooftop, where the chick quickly ran off and went and lay in its nest! We also got a good look at Luna’s chick (11WC) which was standing on the edge of the roof so we just took a quick photo and left them to it. Both chicks have their flight feathers now so sometime in the next week they will be flying about.



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