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Fungi in Parkhill Wood.

Lots of fungi and autumn colours to see now in Parkhill Wood

If you go for a walk in Parkhill Wood at Lochwinnoch at the moment then you won’t miss the autumn colours from the changing and falling leaves. You’ll also notice the wide variety of fungi which are at their peak emergence in the woods at the moment.

The wet and mild weather we get in autumn makes this the best time of year for mushrooms to emerge, as this helps them release their spores. They can be seen in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours, from small and delicate waxcaps to larger and more colourful ones, such as the red and white Fly Agaric in the photo below.

If you want to see these, the autumn colours and some of the local wildlife then come along to our guided autumn walk around Castle Semple Country Park with a Ranger on Saturday 16th October. Tickets can be booked through the events page on our website


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