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Flyback has flown away!.

Flyback is our first gull to start migrating south.

Flyback, who was named by Houston Primary School, is the first of our 12 gulls to make his way south! On Saturday the 22nd of July he was recorded around the Ayrshire coast and spent most of the day around that area before heading further south to Whithorn on Sunday the 23rd, where he was recorded at 5pm. One hour later on the same day he was recorded near the Isle of Man! At 8pm he was recorded off the coast of Bangor where he then flew through the Menai Strait, which separates the island of Anglesey from mainland Wales, reaching the end by 2am. The last recording we have of him is from Monday the 24th at 5am off the coast of mainland Wales, west of Snowdonia National Park! His ring number is 10R:C.
Not a bad distance for only 12 hours!! We will keep
you all updated on this exciting development!

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