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Courtshaw Evening View.

A circular woodland walk

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From the Castle Semple Centre the short shore stretch brings you to Parkhill Wood.  With the summer sun there are some good light contrasts in the woodland.  Going to Courtshaw the light was dappled on the beech trees while others, that were fully in the evening light, dazzled with their whiteness.   From Courtshaw there are fine views over the lochs of Castle Semple and Barr and the path heading downhill was strewn with the petals of the invasive, but nonetheless attractive rhododendron.  Heading up to the Highland track the white blossom of the fragrant mock orange was starting to flower. You can continue your walk to Johnshill and back to Lochwinnoch giving about a four kilometre trip.

Mock Orange
Rhododendron petals on path
Path to Courtshaw
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