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CMRP Rangers Takeover SCRA.

The Social Media Channels of the Scottish Countryside Ranger Service will show the CMRP Rangers at work this week

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Ever wondered what our Ranger Service get upto on a daily basis? This week Monday 25th – Friday 29th January our Ranger Service are doing the first ever takeover of the Scottish Countryside Ranger Service’s (SCRA) social media channels. There will be general information on the Park and what the Rangers do to look after it as well as daily updates and bios on each of our Rangers.

We hope you enjoy finding out a little more about what they get up to and please do add your own experiences of meeting them or benefitting from their work.

You can via the SCRA Facebook here
SCRA Instagram here

As well as Clyde Murishiel’s own Facebook page here
and Instagram here.

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