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Birds Galore at Branching Out Workshop.

Non-stop at the mist net on Wednesday's Branching Out workshop...

This week the Tag-n-Track team ran another bird ringing workshop, this time for the Branching Out participants on the course run by the Rangers at Muirshiel. It’s been a little while since we have done any ringing up at Muirshiel and with the weather looking changeable, we weren’t sure if we would be able to run a full demo. However luck was on our side and we had our busiest day at Muirshiel yet with 66 birds captured of 8 different species and only 1 was a retrap!

The participants were treated to close up views of some of the common birds such as blue tits, great tits and robins. A juvenile great spotted woodpecker was caught and ringed. These birds are incredibly noisy and we quickly released it before we all had sore ears. The group were also treated to views of a sparrowhawk which flew into the net and bounced out.

The real stars were the three nuthatches, one female and two juveniles and they learnt how these birds can walk head first down trees. This is only the 2nd year we have trapped nuthatches at Muirshiel and been able to confirm the breeding of this wee bird. Nuthatches are becoming increasingly common in Scotland and hopefully we will see more of these wee birds in our area.

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